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13 Faces – 7 Minutes

Camera in hand, I took the opportunity for an impromptu portrait session. 13 colleagues accepted my offer to create a portrait. I wanted to press the shutter just once for […]

Welcoming 2017

So! The first week of a new year is nearing it’s end. The following images reflect what I have observed in these first 7 days …

2016 – Personal Favourites

The images in this post are personal favourites from 2016. Some I like for the quality. Others because of the memories they evoke from the time I pressed the shutter […]

Faith: In Colour

It is not easy for find out the exact age of Devi Temple. People I have asked give a range of 200 – 300 years old. A few even older, […]

1 Hour Walk – 12 Images

Trying to refresh the enthusiasm for creating images, I set myself a challenge. Walk for 4 minutes – + or – 30 seconds and stop. 60 seconds to frame an […]

Set In Stone

Stone has always fascinatated me. The colours, textures and shapes. These images demonstrate the variance noticed in India … an ongoing exploration.  

FlamingoLand – Navi Mumbai

Every year, between April and the start of monsoon in June, the Mangrove Swamps and mudflats on the periphery of ‘Bombay’ host squadrons of flamingoes. These images show the start […]

Aasrewadi – Rural Maharashtra

Aasrewadi Village – Halfway between Mumbai and Pune in distance, but a world away in atmosphere. You can locate the village on Google Maps by clicking this link: Aasrewadi & Magic […]