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Causeway Coast Colour

Colour images of the Causeway Coast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland:               

The Best Camera is…

“The best camera is the one you have with you … and one you use!” This post is gives an insight to my experiences of trying to expand my image […]

Kathmandu: Colours Amongst The Chaos

The colours are obvious. The ‘chaos’ refers to a life attempting to move on from the devastating earthquake 2 years ago. Much has changed, for the good, but so much […]

The End of Winter

April is usually the months where the Maharastra ‘winter’ switches to ‘summer’. March appears to have taken the mantle this year. Temperatures only 50km from the Konkan coast have breached […]

Avian Dawn – Electric City Ecotherapy

My recent upsurge of avian images has coincided with the broadcast, by the BBC World Service, of the sense of wellbeing created by bird song in the morning. Apparently, starting […]

Ecotherapy through the Peeple Tree Visitors

‘Ecotherapy’ is an experience I am turning, or more accurately, returning to more an more in order to recharge the mental and emotional batteries. Closely connected to ‘ecopsychology‘, I am […]

13 Faces – 7 Minutes

Camera in hand, I took the opportunity for an impromptu portrait session. 13 colleagues accepted my offer to create a portrait. I wanted to press the shutter just once for […]

Welcoming 2017

So! The first week of a new year is nearing it’s end. The following images reflect what I have observed in these first 7 days …

2016 – Personal Favourites

The images in this post are personal favourites from 2016. Some I like for the quality. Others because of the memories they evoke from the time I pressed the shutter […]