Climbing & Equality – A Lesson For The World

Rich – Poor : Male – Female : Able Body – Disability : Black – White : Nationalist – Internationalist : Old – Young :  Language > All factors that are used to highlight a divide […]

Portraits in Black and White

Aishwarya Rai – Mumbai Bhavna – Aasrewadi, Karjat Vir Das – Mumbai Azeem – Mumbai Priyanka, Amrita & Shetal – Mumbai Parvati – Mumbai Sonu – Begampur, Delhi Sonu’s Friend – […]

Children of Hope

Having walked through the Swat Valley, Pakistan in 1994, before the ‘troubles’, and viewed scenery that matches the magnificence of Yosemite in scale and grandeur, and experienced the wonderful hospitality […]

New Spectacles – Warped Vision

Living in a different country it takes time to learn new ways, new perspectives and new understanding. My latest experience started with me breaking my glasses, needing a replacement pair […]

Thanks For Visit, Begampur

Begampur (Begumpur) is a small community on the South side of Delhi, a kilometre from Hauz Khas Metro Station. The areas surrounding it are some of the wealthiest in Delhi. […]

Gilded Cage

Five days in a hospital. Expecting a visit of a few hours for tests. I have what I stand up in together with one book and my phone. The future […]

Chai Stop in Nine Images

Kandala is at the top of the Western Ghats – the hills that separate Mumbai from Pune. The drive is beautiful, especially with the light dancing with the clouds around […]

Monsoon Arrives

June 17th saw the first onslaught of the 2012 Monsoon season in Maharashtra, India. A quiet build up of cloud formations since the 12th June gave little indication of how […]