Kathmandu: Colours Amongst The Chaos

The colours are obvious.

The ‘chaos’ refers to a life attempting to move on from the devastating earthquake 2 years ago. Much has changed, for the good, but so much remains to be done.

Everywhere is the amazing stoicism of the people, surrounded by buildings in various states of structural integrity. Building materials in piles. Construction going on with new builds. Repairs awaiting in many locations – including Durbar Square, a World Heritage Site.

An emotional return to this amazing city for me. All emotions can be experienced within a walk of 60 seconds.

Tourism is certainly up from when I was last here, but very very limited. This is gauged by so many people sitting and waiting, patiently, for trade. From fruit sellers, to tour guides. From bicycle rickshaws to souvenir sellers.

The city, and the country, is a special place. I hope to be able to help in some small way, even if it is spending a few rupees here and there with those not on the normal tourist trails.


Turmeric Seller plying trade from the rubble of building since gone.


The new generation: Grandmother with Grandson


A new build going up between old building still very delicate from the earthquake in 2015. I dread to think of the consequences of future tremors.


Roasted corn being sold by building materials ready for reconstruction


The Nepalese Army pass by a Stupa with fruit and vegetable sellers plying their trade.


A common scene. A pomegranate seller waiting for business while shop keepers wait in the alcoves. 


Education, for some, is still a priority. Fortunately.


It appeared all steps were conversation places. Or smoking corners.


The colours of Nepal never cease to capture attention.


Back streets always bring something unexpected.


Tourism is the life blood of may of the rickshaw drivers. How they are coping is anyones guess. I saw very few tourists taking rides, and a few acting as goods transport. Incredibly difficult to earn a living in such conditions.






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